Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do people get involved with the NBA2LOU Movement?
  • The easiest way to support NBA2LOU is to join our Ambassador Club or volunteer for one of our committees, by signing up online. Currently, there are three membership levels to join the NBA2LOU Ambassador Club — Super Fan ($30/year), Insider ($150/year), and Insider Lifetime (one-time $350).

  • Okay, I’ve signed up for the Ambassador Club… what does my membership fee go towards?
  • When you sign up for the Ambassador Club at any level, there are a wide variety of “perks” and events that come along with membership; so, most of the money goes back to supporting the Ambassador Program. The goal of the Ambassador Club is not to make money but to get as many people involved in our effort to bring the NBA to Kentucky. And by joining those efforts, we want you to have fun along the way, so we craft various events throughout the year in which you, as a member, will have VIP access. The entire Ambassador committee including Chairman, Nick Phelps, are volunteers.

  • What makes this group different than other groups that have tried to get a NBA team to Louisville?
  • Other efforts have involved getting a current team to move to Kentucky, while our efforts focus on expansion. We are focusing on grassroots tactics to show the NBA the passion Kentuckians have for basketball, which is why your support is crucial for success.

  • How long will it take to get a team in Louisville, KY?
  • In full transparency, we have no idea what the NBA’s timeline will be. However, many NBA experts agree the quickest way for owners to make up the revenue lost from the Cornovirus shutdown, is an expansion.

  • How much will it cost to get an NBA team, and who is going to pay for it?
  • We do not have an exact expansion fee, but our estimate of acquiring and starting a team would be between $1.5-$2 billion. We currently have 7 different groups under Non-Disclosure Agreements that are interested in ownership.

  • Why now?
  • Kentucky is ready to get in the game. Having a major league professional sports team would make our community to the next level by attracting more businesses and industries to our state, and keeping our young professionals in the area.

  • What is NBA2LOU doing in the community?
  • NBA2LOU just received our 501C3 and we are now planning ways to be a partner in our communities. Stay tuned!

  • Are there any free events I can attend?
  • Our Supporter level is free to join. We will have several free events when the Coronavirus is behind us.